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Got weeds? Why not rent a goat?

If weeds taking over your yard really gets your goat, you may want to think about contacting the Hylton Family farm to get their goats.

AKRON, Ohio - — Got Weeds?

An Akron family is offering an eco-friendly alternative to weed control.

The Hylton family farm offers landscaping services..with a twist.

The tools they use aren't what you'd expect, in fact they're not tools at all.

The Hyltons used goats to manage fast growing lawn, untamed flower beds and more.

That's right, you read that correctly.

Goats are their key to success, and if you ask homeowner Andrew and Jennifer Subotnik's they aren't BAAAAD at it.

The Subotnik's rented the goats to clear a patch of weeds behind their garage.

The goats not only have cleared the weeds, they've made an impression on the Subotnik's as well.

"They're awesome and you get attached to them and they get attached to you, and what a great job they did and how much fun it's been."

The Subotnik's say they won't ever forget the experience.

"It's not just removing your weeds, it's a fun experience you'll always remember."

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