"I don’t think she realized what was going to happen,” said Angella Rose of Akron. “None of us did."

It was a trip to Virginia over the holiday break to visit her mom that left Rose just as surprised as the thousands who watched her mom, a grandmother of three, experiencing virtual reality for the first time.

“It’s as if you’re sitting on your bed. You’re just looking around the room. There’s toys on the floor and different things. And then all of a sudden, there’s this scary man that comes out of nowhere.”

The Facebook video of Chewy Barber’s reaction is one of many that have surfaced on social media showing people losing their balance and others screaming after experiencing virtual reality games.

But some call the gear a tool to immerse yourself into a magical world.

"That’s the magic of VR,” said Bill Myers. “It makes you feel present in a completely digital world in a way that it feels like it’s real."

Myers calls himself a virtual reality expert. He has dedicated his time and effort into studying virtual reality and has even organized @AkronVR meetups to give others an opportunity to experience it themselves – using the Oculus Rift.

“When you’re playing different games or an experience, some are so good at faking reality that you lose yourself.”

So if you plan on experiencing this for yourself, Myers suggests you walk in with an open mind and simply have fun.

“Just relax and enjoy this new medium.”