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Horror movie 'Copley Road' set in Akron to film summer of 2020

Something scary is happening in Akron.

AKRON, Ohio — “It all started in Akron.”

That’s the tagline for Copley Road, a recently announced horror move that’s “set in a fictional version of Akron, Ohio.”

The movie, which was announced by Stealth Wing Productions, is expected to film in the Akron area during the summer of 2020.

Copley Road is described as a horror anthology that ties together five short stories into a central plot.

“Our main protagonist is Paul Grant, 18, a young high school graduate who makes a huge mistake,” according to the movie’s Facebook page. “A night of partying with his soon-to-be famous athlete cousin, Jay Landon, 18, leads to the accidental death of a mysterious old man.”

Uh oh.

“Now their futures are at stake as they come to terms with the gravity of their actions. Contemplating their next move, they soon discover a presence following them that they cannot explain. This presence is relentless. It’s suffocating. It’s pure evil…”

The production team said they “would love to involve the community as much as possible."

Copley Road is written and directed by Jason E. Woods.

We are very thankful and humbled by all the love the community has s... hown toward our project. For those interested in opportunities to join the project, please stay tuned for announcements regarding future opportunities.

This won't be the first time Akron shines in Hollywood's spotlight. Corbin Bernsen, of LA. Law and Major League fame, brought his production team to Northeast Ohio to create 25 Hill -- a movie surrounding the Soap Box Derby. It was released in July of 2011.

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