This year marks the 60th Anniversary of bowling's biggest event, the PBA's Tournament of Champions.

The event left the Rubber City 24 years ago. However, this week the world's best bowlers have returned to Riviera Lanes, hallowed ground for the pros and their fans.

"Riviera Lanes is like the Fenway Park or Wrigley Field of bowling," says PBA Commissioner Tom Clark. "This is the best of the best."

Championship banners line the ceiling of the bowling center where legends were born.

Hall of Fame bowler Johnny Petraglia won it all here in 1971. "It's something that will live in my memory forever," he says. "The history here is so thick, you could cut it with a knife."

New Jersey's Matt O'Grady made a little history. He bowled a 300! Tournament Volunteer and Tallmadge High School bowler Gabe Griffith knows the feeling, having bowled his first sanctioned 300.

Gabe's passion for bowling was started by his grandfather, who recently passed away. These pros are Gabe's heroes.

"The first day, I was kind of awe-struck, you know. star-struck," he told us.

Clark adds, "When I see kids wanting autographs from today's young stars and I know that's going to inspire them to continue on in bowling, it's really special. It's an incredible sport to be a part of for your whole life."

Right here, where it all began.

"The PBA is back in Akron and It's great to be back," exclaims Petraglia.

Welcome home.

Sunday, the top five bowlers will compete for the championship. The event is sold out, but will be televised nationally on ESPN. Coverage begins at 1pm. You can also watch on-line through the PBA’s website through this link.