AKRON, Ohio -- Calm down, everybody.

Luigi’s in Akron isn’t closing despite a panic on social media.

You may have seen posts filling your Facebook feed with people expressing their sadness that Akron is losing the iconic late-night Italian eatery notorious for its pizza and salads piled high with cheese.

“The last bastion of Howard Street is dead,” one person posted on Facebook. “Akron is dead.”

But it’s all a misunderstanding.

You see, there is a Luigi’s restaurant closing -- but it’s across the Atlantic Ocean in Scotland.

“We regret to inform you that Luigi’s Restaurant era is coming to an end,” the overseas restaurant posted this week on its Facebook page. “Over the past 2 years we had a big court battle with the landlord and now we are left with no options but to close the restaurant. Our last effective day of business will be Sunday 25 June 2017.”

The post was quickly shared hundreds of times by people throughout Northeast Ohio mistakenly expressing their disappointment.

Here are some of those reactions we found from local Luigi's lovers:

- “Luigis is closing???? Where else am I going to get my salad with 10 pounds of cheese?”

- “Such a huge loss to Akron.”

- “Shame, best food I’ve had east of the Cuyahoga River.”

- “Oh no!! Say what??!!!”

- “Wow. Didn’t see this coming. Way too bad. Greedy landlord.”

- “NOOO! This cannot be!”

- “Damn this makes me sad!”

- “Is this real life?”

- “That is sad we all love Luigi's. It's been here forever shame on the landlord I won't visit anything in that whole plaza.”

Then there was this person who poked at all those who wrongly assumed this closure impacted the Akron Luigi’s: “I can't believe how many people DON'T read an article before posting!!”

So next time you're in Akron... No need to worry because Luigi's is still open.