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'Everybody is kind of shook up': 2 unrelated, dangerous incidents reported at Kenmore-Garfield High School in Akron

A loaded pistol was found in a student's backpack last Tuesday; A fight that suspended nearly a dozen students happened last Wednesday.

AKRON, Ohio — Two dangerous incidents within a 24-hour period are leaving parents of students at Kenmore-Garfield High School in Akron on edge.

A loaded pistol was found last Tuesday in a backpack and a school fight involving more than a dozen students followed the next day, according to the Akron Public School District.

The Director of Security and Student Support, Daniel Rambler, and Akron Police told 3News the incidents are not related.

Exclusive viewer video sent to 3News showed the dangerous chaos that left more than a dozen students suspended.

“It makes you concerned. Very concerned,” Terry Thomas said.

When Thomas learned about the auditorium fight last Wednesday, all he could think about was his kids, one of whom, Dee is a ninth grader at Kenmore Garfield High School.

“It makes me think, like, it's unsafe,” Thomas said. “Kids should be coming here to learn.”

“That involved somewhere between five and eight students with different levels of involvement in the fight,” Rambler said.

The school district and Akron police confirmed one administrator was caught in the middle of the fight and punched in the face.

“She was struck in the face and was significantly injured,” Rambler said.

The watchful eye on dangerous incidents at the school began Tuesday after a student was caught with a loaded pistol in their backpack.

“The teacher was able to overhear some comments and relay it to the principal and the officer at the school,” Rambler explained. “I think everybody is a little shook up over it.”

Akron Public Schools Superintendent, Christine Fowler-Mack, released a letter to parents and guardians of the students reiterating her commitment to student safety.

“Most of the districts, that I’m aware of, have had a tough time falling back into the routines of school,” Fowler-Mack said.

Rambler and Fowler-Mack told 3News they want to reteach, remind and make clear to students that the behavior, or like-behavior, exhibited in the recent incidents won't be tolerated.

“If they choose to go that route, they will be held accountable for their actions,” Fowler-Mack said.

Thomas told 3News he hopes that discipline stands firm but also sent his own reminder to parents.

“You have got to be a parent to your kid. If you're not a parent to your kid, how do you expect them to come here and learn and be a student,” Thomas said.

Rambler confirmed to 3News that at least 10 students were suspended following the fight. The students and their case will be presented to the district school board, with expulsion being considered.

You can read Christine Fowler Mack's entire letter to Akron Public Schools parents and caregivers below:

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