A University of Akron student was sentenced to three years behind bars for killing his roommate on the one-year anniversary of the man's death.

Kendal Scheid, 23, pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter in October for the death of 23-year-old Duncan Unternaher, who died at a hospital one year ago on Dec. 5. The University of Akron senior would have graduated in May.

The pair lived at the 400 block of Grant Street off campus when Scheid stabbed Unternaher in the chest over an alleged fight about fast food. The two were friends, according to witness statements and a police report.

"I am truly sorry for everything I have done," Scheid said to Unternaher's family in court. "I'm sorry about taking your son, brother and friend away from you, and I regret everything I've done that day. I'm sorry."

Unternaher's family also spoke.

"Close friends care about the well-being of their friends," Unternaher's sister said with teary eyes. "It is difficult to have such a grief so deep of my little brother." She also addressed Sheid's family, which was present in the courtroom.

"Please know that I have been praying for you all," she told them.

Unternaher's father also spoke.

"In the same time I have forgiveness for you, I also want justice for my son," he told Scheid.

Unternaher's mother was the last to address the court.

"He was different. He was special. He was loved by so many," she said of her son. "

Scheid's sentence also includes five years of post-release control and possible judicial release after six months of cooperation.