APEX, North Carolina - Across the globe, thousands of girls celebrate turning 15 with a Quinceañera, but have ever heard of one thrown for a cat?

Meet Luna.

Luna isn’t your typical 15-year-old orange tabby cat from North Carolina. She has a Facebook, Instagram and a family who loves her more than anything in the world.

So why wouldn’t they mark this milestone with an extravagant party?

A Quinceañera is a Latin tradition that celebrates a girl’s coming of age. When she turns 15, it marks her transition from childhood to maturity. Since Luna herself was turning 15, it was only fitting for her family to uphold the tradition.

“Our family adores Luna and we really wanted to celebrate her long life in a memorable way,” Brigitte Olavarria, Luna’s owner said. “Since Luna is such a princess, I often joked about throwing Luna a lavish Quinceañera party, but never thought it would actually happen.”

Olavarria said they have had Luna since she was 3-weeks-old when they found her wandering on the side of the road. Once they took their little cheeseball in, the family immediately fell in love.

“Luna is not just an ordinary cat, she’s a member of our family,” she said. “Luna is the oldest [pet] we have ever had. She’s essentially the Children’s last surviving childhood pet, so, as you can imagine, she’s very special to us.”

Olavarria said she’s a very fat, happy and spoiled cat who has earned a lot of special privileges during her years with the family which is why her mother was more than happy to throw a party for Luna.

“My mom planned the party a week in advance,” Olavarria said. “She searched Amazon for the perfect pink princess dress, ordered a tres leches cake from our favorite bakery, and bought an assortment of decorations from the dollar store.”

Invitations were sent out to their close family and friends a week in advance and everyone showed up to celebrate Luna. Olavarria said even one of her friend’s surprised the cat with a bouquet of flowers!

Luna might be 15-years-old now, but she still has a lot of life left in her. You can follow along on Luna’s adventures on her personal Facebook and Instagram @luna_sheridan22.

We definitely can’t wait to see what’s in store for Luna’s 16th birthday! He’s to another fabulous year for one special kitty!

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