An Ashtabula native has been identified as one of the five victims in last week's shooting at Fort Lauderdale International Airport.

Officials in Broward County released the full list of the names on Tuesday evening. Ashtabula native Mary Louise Amzibel was the final named to be identified.

The 69-year-old Amzibel is originally from Ashtabula, but moved to Dover, Delaware.

Over the weekend, another Ohio woman was identified as one of the five victims of the Florida airport shooting and her husband was critically injured in the attack.

Steve Reineccius confirmed Saturday over Facebook that his grandmother Shirley Timmons was killed when a gunman opened fire in a baggage claim area at a Fort Lauderdale airport. Reineccius says his grandmother and grandfather Steve Timmons, who was wounded in the shooting, were both 70 years old.

WILE-FM ( reports that the couple had flown to Fort Lauderdale on Friday to join the rest of their family for a cruise.

The radio station says Steve Timmons was shot in the head and underwent emergency surgery at a Fort Lauderdale hospital. No word on his condition.

The couple's 51st wedding anniversary was in three weeks. They're from Senecaville, about 90 miles east of Columbus.