ASHTABULA COUNTY, Ohio — Temperatures have fallen enough to start harvesting that special kind of grape. It's ice wine time!

Workers out at Ferrante Winery in Ashtabula County are suiting up to start the ice wine harvest in the overnight hours on Thursday. 

Because of a dip in the jet stream, really cold Canadian air will be moving into our region. We are talking teens for all of us overnight, which is music to the ears of the staff at Ferrante Wintery. 

The Arctic cold air is the perfect time for them to pick the grapes they'l use to make ice wine. The low temperatures help the grapes to become more concentrated, which is why it tastes so sweet. 

As the chilly conditions move in, volunteers will put on the gloves and heavy coats and focus on finding the best grapes.  

The staff at Ferrante Winery says they are hoping to make about 200 gallons of wine, that's about 2,000 bottles. 

If you would like to sample some of the wines, you can! 

The 17th annual Grand River Valley Ice Wine Festival takes place during the first three Saturdays of March.

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