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BGSU students back on campus share thoughts on university's vaccine mandate

While most students said they agree with the decision, others say they believe the decision should be left up to students and staff.

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio — While out and about for Bowling Green State University's Campus Fest, most students said they support the school's decision to require the COVID-19 vaccine.

"I feel like they're doing everything they can to keep everyone safe," said BGSU freshman Deandre Hill.

Junior Imani Price Rodriguez agreed, saying, "I personally think that it's a pretty good decision."

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Other students say they're on the fence about it.

Freshman Graciana Webb said, "I don't think someone should be forced to get it, but I do encourage people to get vaccinated and such."

Freshman Jacob Wiley continued on.

"Some people - you want to keep them safe, keep people vaccinated to reduce the COVID risk and make sure less people have COVID and stay safe," he said. "But on the other hand, I can also see the argument of it's people's choice if they want to get vaccinated or not."

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When it comes to other COVID-19 safety precautions like masking and cleaning, students say they feel BGSU is doing a great job.

"I live in one of the residence halls and they clean the bathroom like every single day and I've seen food workers scrub everything, mask correctly," Webb said.

Students and staff must show proof of their vaccination by Nov. 29. Anyone applying for an exemption must do so by Nov. 1.