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Biden woos working and middle class voters at Parma UAW Hall for Clinton

Vice President Joe Biden woos blue collar and middle class voters campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Parma.

Vice President Joe Biden is a guy with blue collar roots.

And knowing Donald Trump has connected with a lot of blue collar workers, Hillary Clinton's campaign dispatched him to Ohio Thursday to rally auto workers from the GM Lordstown and Parma plants along with other supporters.

Thursday night in Parma, Biden was more than an hour late to the scheduled event , partly because he stopped to sample goodies at Rudy's Bakery, which is owned by Ukrainian immigrants.

Biden delivered similar speeches in Warren and Parma.

He told the crowds, "HIllary Clinton gets it," and asked them to "name one thing Donald Trump would do to improve the standard of living of average people."

"He has no idea what made America give the average American an even chance, and they never let the country down," Biden said.

He reminded them that the auto industry is alive and well because of the bailout that happened despite Republican critics that called auto workers greedy and unable to compete with Japan.

"They said we'd never make 6 million cars a year. We made 17 million last year. We make the best cars in the world," he boasted

Then Senator Clinton backed the bailout . Trump has made comments both for and against if after the fact.

Several times Biden tried to boost the Senate campaign of Ted Strickland. "Donald Trump and Rob Portman are cut from the same cloth," Biden said.

In mid-speech Biden was interrupted by a young man upset that he "lost a friend" because of fighting in the Mideast.

Biden mentioned he had lost a son recently and invited the man to speak with him after the rally.

Clinton leads in Ohio polls, but the race is closer than in other swing states.

"This ain't over man. This ain't over," Biden cautioned Clinton backers.