You may have seen Simon Bell’s emotional interview on Dr. Phil.

Bell was among 11 children discovered in cages in the Huron County home of Michael and Sharon Gravelle in 2005.

Today, Bell is a senior at Canton McKinley High School, and those familiar with his case say there may be more trouble.

Lawsuits filed against the agencies that placed the children led to a multi-million-dollar out of court settlement. Each child received their own individually managed trust to help them improve their lives.

The oldest victim recently graduated from college while the second-oldest is studying in Toledo.

Bell is hoping to begin studies at the University of Akron but may have trouble getting money.

Depending on how his settlement was structured, he may not have access to his funds until he turns 21.

WKYC Channel 3 News reached out to Bell’s court-appointed guardian on Wednesday to inquire about the steps they are taking, but did not hear back.