BRECKSVILLE -- New technology is constantly being developed in an effort to reduce the signs aging.

Solia Spa in Brecksville is the first in Ohio to try out a new machine.

It is not new technology. What is new is the facials combine several commonly used treatments into one machine.

The facial is also a lower strength than treatments you would find in a dermatologist's office.

The machine is made by Sihouet-Tone which claims to deliver five technologies at once, listing them as of High Voltage Pulsatile Currents, Ultrasound, Impulse Micro-Currents, Electroporation and Iontophoresis.

Spa owner Lisa Stewart says it's not only her most requested facial but also her favorite.

The treatment is about 45 minutes. The client lies on a table as Stewart glides a gel-covered handset over their face.

Stewart says the combination of the different technologies lifts and firms the face.

"The top of the muscle is where all the fine lines and wrinkles are, so it's tightening the top of the muscle so you don't see fine lines and muscles as much. And then the ultrasound portion of this is going to the bottom of muscle and, basically, re-educating the muscle to how it was in its 20s," says Stewart.

The treatment is non-invasive, not even a needle. There can be the sensation of electrical currents causing a popping sensation in the teeth and some involuntary muscle contractions.

During Ericka Gustafson's first session, she said she could feel the currents but had no discomfort.

"It's kind of funny. It is making me laugh," said Gustafson.

After two months of twice weekly treatments, Sandy Stoyanoof says she has seen changes in her skin. Stoyanoff says her skin glows and that make-up goes on better. She also says she sees fewer lines and wrinkles.

Stewart says the number of treatments needed can vary. The spa owner says most people start off with two treatments a week and eventually move to once a month.

She also says the treatments have gotten so popular she is looking to hire another aesthetician.

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Each treatment as a stand-alone is $150. The cost can be less if multiple treatments are purchased at once.