CANTON, Ohio — It was a split-second decision. 

A decision that Jason Brown, a Canton firefighter and paramedic, didn’t think twice about when he helped to rescue a child from a burning home Monday morning.

“It was calculated enough that I wasn’t concerned about the smoke for the 20 to 30 seconds I was going to be without it,” said Brown.

Brown and his fellow teammates were met with intense heat and smoke that filled the rooms inside the home on Root Ave. NE.

“We had found one of the bedrooms, searched that bedroom and on the way out is where we found the child.”

Brown then noticed that the 5-year-old was gasping for air and decided to share his face mask with the boy.

“The fact that he was laying on the floor helped,” said Brown. “I knew we were down low enough that weren’t in heavy smoke.”

The boy was then passed through a window where paramedics were waiting. The child was taken by helicopter to Akron Children’s Hospital for treatment. The boy’s father was able to make it out of the home.

Brown’s actions left a lasting impression of Chief Thomas Garra.

“That is what we call risking a lot to save a lot,” said Garra.

For Brown, it’s part of the job that he signed up for.

“They say it takes certain people, but there’s 140 of us here that do it every day,” said Brown. “I say it’s the best job you’ll ever have.”