It was a typical work day for Canton police officer Jones Jr. He was patrolling I-77 south when he noticed a truck speeding down the highway with the headlights out. He pulled the driver over and gave her a ticket.

But just a few hours later the Canton Police Department's Facebook page had a new review from the woman’s husband stating. ”Watch for Jones Jr.. badge number 157. Was a jerk to my wife and must have needed to make quota she was driving and didn’t know her lights weren’t on he treated her like trash and was disrespectful. Watch out for this Guy.”

Canton Police quickly responded by posting bodycam video of the traffic stop… YOU BE THE JUDGE

Within minutes of the body cam video being posted to Facebook, hundreds of comments came flooding in.

Acting Chief Dave Davis says it’s important to see both side of a situation.

We did reach out to Mr. Morgan but didn’t receive a response. As for the review he wrote on Facebook, it’s no longer posted.