The Canton City School district is highlighting one of its senior students who has made a major difference in his life thanks to adopting a healthier lifestyle.

"I couldn't walk too far to be honest with you and I got out of breath easily" says, 17-year-old, Michael Watson.

 "It was just a disaster but once I lost the weight...I feel amazing I could never go back to being heavier."

On the district's Facebook page, Canton McKinley High School student Michael Watson was lauded for his work to lose 110 pounds. Besides eating and exercising more, Watson also walked to the school every day ("no matter the weather conditions") during his sophomore, junior, and senior years.

In the McKinley Senior Limelight today is MICHAEL WATSON! After years of being overweight, Michael took matters into his own hands. He adopted a healthier lifestyle of eating and exercise by taking...

"I did a lot of exercising, I had a lot of inspiration," he says.  "My brother Richard actually lost 50 lbs and I was like, if he could do it, I can do it."

Watson, who will graduate in the coming weeks, is now preparing to work full-time. Multiple people congratulated him for his achievement in the post's comments:

Joy Joy: "Congratulations Michael! What an accomplishment. I wish you much happiness and success in everything you do. I will never forget your kindness."

Catherine Reasoner: "He is something to be proud of! He did great!"

Barb Walker: "Congratulations, Michael. The future is yours!"

Congrats, Michael, and keep up the good work!