One woman’s discovery more than 30 years ago remains a mystery.

"Every time the Olympics come back, it just pops back in my head," Dena Fourcher, of Canton, said. "And I go looking for someone."

Fourcher said she stumbled upon a ring belonging to an Olympic teammate in 1980, but it has gone unclaimed for decades.

It began in southern California, more than 30 years ago, where Fourcher was working as a dispatcher for a charter bus company. An Olympic team, possibly swimming or volleyball, had reportedly just got off the bus at the time, according to Fourcher.

"When the drivers didn’t sweep out the buses, I would make sure it was ready for the next one," Fourcher said. "And this is what I found."

It was a silver ring with the words "United States Olympic Team 1980" wrapped around the the iconic Olympic rings. Inside the ring: the initials RTC.

"I’ve never worn it. I just keep it in its little velvet box."

Fourcher said she immediately tried to locate its owner, but had no luck. Fast-forward more than 30 years later, and she still is holding on the ring – and holding onto hope that she’ll be able to return it.

"I just think it would be really cool if she could get it back and wear it."

WKYC reached out to the U.S. Olympic Museum to find out if the ring is authentic, but were unable to get in contact with officials on Tuesday. If the ring is authentic, it could belong to a member of the 1980 Olympics, which is the same year the U.S. led a boycott of the summer games in Moscow.

A look through the Olympic rosters in 1980 point to a potential match if the initials inside the ring are connected to the athlete's first and last name. The possible link offers hope that one day the owner could be reunited with a piece a history.

"It would be wonderful to see her put it on."

Maybe one day this local Olympic mystery will cross the finish line.