Canton police officer Lamar Sharpe has taken community policing to whole new level.

Whether he's handing out winter coats to neighborhood children, showcasing his dance skills, or even sharing family videos, Sharpe knows how to make someone smile.

He has gained thousands of followers by sharing countless acts of kindness and his encounters with the community on his Instagram page.

“I am me and I'm going to be me and I carry that into my profession,” said Sharpe.

On Friday afternoon, Sharpe spent some time with the Latino Business League to hand out dozens of Christmas gifts to families around the Canton area.

After realizing that he could make a bigger impact in the community using his voice, Sharpe created the “Be Better Me Foundation” aimed at empowering young kids in the area. But Sharpe said it's much deeper than just simply making people smile. It's about saving lives and telling kids to put down the guns.

“If I can steer this kid in this direction, and say ‘there's a better path and better life for you,’ that's the top for me. That's all I want.”