NORTH CANTON, Ohio -- Another hotel opened in an area in need of more full-service hotel options.

Embassy Suites held its grand opening on Tuesday to celebrate the new location.

The new hotel is located just one exit from the Akron-Canton Airport and six miles away from the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton.

Aside from leisure travelers, the area also sees its fair share of corporate visitors and those in town for amateur sporting events.

According to the Canton Visitors' Bureau, Visit Canton, the region sees upwards of 3.5 million visitors annually.

The bulk of those visitors come to town to visit the Hartville Marketplace, which accounts for more than 50 percent of that number.

Before the Embassy Suites opened, there weren't any full-service options available.

The Embassy Suites will add 150 rooms to the region, 800 rooms have been added to the region over the last two years.

This hotel boom was partially sparked by the gas and oil industry.

The area was ripe for fracking, meaning surveyors, engineers, lawyers and the like all needed places to stay to do their work. Hotels quickly filled up.

Today, business will be sustained by corporate visitors to the region's larger companies, including Timken Steel, Diebold, and Goodyear.

Embassy Suites is just happy to be in the mix.

“We heard from people both before we opened and now that we’ve opened our doors, is that there was definitely a need for a full-service hotel in this area,” said Stacy O’Reilly, general manager of the new Embassy Suites location.

“This area is absolutely ready for it. And what we’ve seen so far is great results. We have some dates that are already sold out,” said O'Reilly.

Some of those sold-out dates coincide with events happening at the Hall of Fame. Other days, it’s just regular travelers looking for the typically Embassy Suites amenities.

“We have the meeting space, the restaurant, the bar, room service,” said O’Reilly, also pointing out the pool, fitness center and dining options.

“The breakfast you mentioned is a huge thing for our brand. About 97 percent of our guests use breakfast. You could have your entire vacation here,” said O'Reilly.