CANTON, Ohio -- While school districts across Northeast Ohio experienced a variety of threats in the days following the deadly Florida shooting, the Stark County Sheriff has a issued warning.

"There is a zero tolerance policy for individuals who issue or repost threatening messages using social media," the Sheriff's office announced Wednesday morning.

It comes one day after a 7th grader shot himself in a school bathroom at Stark County's Jackson Memorial Middle School.

"The Stark County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to investigating any individual who utilizes social media in a way to create fear or alarm to others. We will hold them accountable."

A 16-year-old Canton McKinley High School student was arrested for making a threat, meaning she faces three charges.

Sheriff George Maier said there is "zero tolerance" for this kind of behavior.

"We will be swift and sure with our investigations," he said. "There will be no leniency for individuals who indicate they may cause harm to another person.”

The Stark County Sheriff's Office said these threats are taken "very seriously" and those responsible "will face criminal charges."

Those who come across these messages are encouraged to notify law enforcement and / or school administrators.