Several civil liberties groups are concerned over the City of Cleveland’s plans for the Republican National Convention.

On Tuesday we heard from the ACLU, NAACP and National Lawyers Guild.

They are concerned about a number of issues, such as permitting. More than a dozen groups have applied for permits to demonstrate, yet not one of them has been issued.

Groups are also concerned about using the Lorain-Carnegie bridge for parades, with some suggesting Superior Avenue as an alternative.

Many wonder why the hard security perimeter is not public yet and are worried about the use, or possible overuse, of surveillance.

A so-called camera truck will be following police in the field during the RNC.

“We have never experienced what we’re going to experience this summer,” said Mike Nelson, NAACP, “Where all your movements are going to be under some camera somewhere.”

The groups will be watching too. An effort is underway to recruit and train legal observers who will report possible violations at gatherings.

On Friday a spokesman for the city told Channel 3 News that the process of granting permits is ongoing and could not say when groups would be hearing back.