CLEVELAND, Ohio — Fans of every sport from football to NASCAR to golf show support for their favorite teams or players by the clothes they wear. 

So, why not anglers? 

If you fish around Cleveland or anywhere in Northeast Ohio, you have a lot to be proud of. The waters in our area offer World Class fishing opportunities and now, you can wear your pride for that on your sleeve thanks to Cleveland Fishing Company and founder Brian Tighe, who saw a need.

"We have such an amazing community of anglers here in Cleveland and no true brand for them." That's where Cleveland Fishing Company comes in. Tighe continued, "Our slogan is 'Fish the Land'. It's all about getting out there and fishing Cleveland. Get out there and enjoy these waters."

Northeast Ohio has a large and diverse fishing community, and the web based apparel shop has a diverse array of products. Hats with several designs, long and short sleeved shirts, sweatshirts, and stickers. 

There are always new products in development too, and each sale gives back to the fishing community. 

"For every piece of apparel we sell, 5% of our gross profits go to the Cleveland Metroparks fishing fund," says Tighe. They use the money to improve fishing habitats, stock park properties, and put on educational events for the public. The hat or shirt you wear fishing is giving back to support the fishery you enjoy.

 Anglers often send pictures to the Cleveland Fishing Company Facebook page to show off their catch.

 "To see it out on the waters with my own eyes, people wearing our gear, it really is special."

Cleveland Fishing Company says in the future, they'll be partnering with Platform Brewing Company to produce a fishing-themed beer. They plan to be tapping kegs in mid-September.