A Cleveland motorcycle shop owner is hosting a show on Esquire Network.

The show, "Wrench Against the Machine," will showcase a competition series of motorcycle challenges.

Dani Pajak, who owns Disowned Customs, will be hosting. Brian Schaffran runs a community-style motorcycle repair shop named Skidmark Garage, located on Cleveland's west side.

Last year, WKYC interviewed Pajak.

Pajak confirmed to WKYC that they are currently filming in Los Angeles.

"They came by and really loved the shop, the atmosphere, the type of bikes that we were building, and they felt that they could make a whole show out of it," Pajak said in the interview.

There will be six episodes, each an hour long, Pajak said.

"I mean people joke about Cleveland, kind of down-trod it. There's so much great stuff going on in Cleveland. And you kind of have to be here to experience it," Pajak said.

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Skidmark Garage
Skidmark Garage