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Aliza Sherman's attorney sentenced to 180 days in jail

Gregory Moore, the divorce attorney to murder victim Aliza Sherman, was sentenced in court Tuesday.

Gregory Moore, the divorce attorney to murder victim Aliza Sherman, was sentenced in court Tuesday.

Moore was sentenced to 180 days in jail, 36 months of community control and 150 hours of community service for lying to police. He also must undergo a mental health exam.

Aliza's daughter, Jennifer, spoke in court.

"Filing from divorce in 2011 was supposed to signify my mother's escape from a hostile and corrupt marriage," she said prior to tearing up.

"Greg Moore knew my mother was vulnerable and frightened," Jennifer continued.

Moore pleaded guilty earlier this month to falsification and inducing panic charges for making a trio of phone calls claiming there was a bomb inside the Cuyahoga County Old Courthouse. He also called bomb threats in to the Geauga and Lake county courthouses in 2012.

"I've affected a lot of people's lives. People that are here and people that aren't. Not a day goes by that I don't regret the decision I made," Moore told the judge.

"I think that what you did here is one of the worst things that you could do," the judge told Moore.

In a separate incident, Moore provided false information to law enforcement regarding his whereabouts on March 24, 2013, the day Sherman was murdered in downtown Cleveland. Moore had been scheduled for a meeting with Sherman that afternoon.

Moore sent texts to Sherman claiming he was in his office, but prosecutors say phone and key card records proved otherwise.

Sherman's murder remains unsolved as authorities continue to hunt for her killer.

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