CLEVELAND — Coyotes have made their way into several Northeast Ohio suburban areas in recent years, and multiple community law enforcement agencies have noticed an uptick in sightings of the over the last month.

According to the Berea Police Department, coyote sightings in its community have increased because the animal’s mating season runs January through March.

While the department does not respond to calls for sightings, “unless the animal is sick or injured,” or keep track of the reports, Berea Police have made several recommendations to keep pets safe from harm.

Here are four recommendations for pet owners:

1. Do not leave pet food and water out in your yard that may attract coyotes.
2. Make sure your trash cans are secured, and trash is not left out in bags.
3. Do not leave your animals outside unattended, especially in areas where coyotes have been sighted. Coyotes have the ability to dig under fences and get over smaller ones.
4. Never let your dog interact or play with coyotes!

According to National Geographic, coyotes have used their cleverness to adapt from living on open prairies and deserts to occupy forests and even major cities, including Los Angeles. It is likely that coyote populations are at an all-time high.

Coyotes “will eat almost anything,” including rabbits, rodents, fish, frogs and deer, but in city settings, the animals will rummage through trash to find food or prey on small house pets.

Coyotes are known for their keen vision, strong sense of smell and the ability to run up to 40 miles per hour.