5 years ago this coming Sunday, Charles Ramsey was among those who became internationally famous as part of the Miracle in Cleveland.

Ramsey says he heard screams coming from the house on Seymour Avenue on that night in May 2013, the night Gina, Amanda and Michelle finally broke out of that house where Ariel Castro kept them captive for almost a decade.

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After hearing the screams, Ramsey went to check it out and along with others, helped the girls escape.

As the anniversary of the Miracle in Cleveland approaches, WKYC news anchor Russ Mitchell sat down with Charles Ramsey on Wednesday to talk about instant fame, his life today, and that night 5 years ago.

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While Charles isn't in contact with the women, he tells Russ that he does think about them. Ramsey still lives in Northeast Ohio and works in a restaurant.

Watch the interview in the player above.