CLEVELAND -- Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Cheap Trick turned down an offer to perform during the Republican National Convention in July, but fans got to check them out Friday night.

The annual “It’s Only Rock and Roll Spring Benefit” at Public Hall Friday night featured one of the Rock Hall’s newest Inductees: Cheap Trick whose first album came out in 1970.

Money raised during the concert will support educational programming. The band says music has had a big impact on our culture, politics and society.

"It's important especially in elementary school because that's where it all starts," said Rick Nielsen. "You'll find where there's arts and education at an early age, that the rest of the stuff goes to a higher level, math, reading. All that stuff is better off if there are arts and education and discipline too."

Fresh off their induction, Cheap Trick was at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum Friday as part of an exhibit dedication at the museum. Rick Nielsen’s 1981 Hamer Custom guitar is featured among the many Cheap Trick stories.

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