CLEVELAND — On Monday, the city of Cleveland launched a new phase of Mayor Frank Jackson's 'Safe Smart CLE' initiative, beginning the installation of 61,000 new LED streetlights throughout the city. 

The streetlights, which will be installed over an 18-month period, combine cost-saving and energy-efficient LED streetlights with smart camera technology at a cost of $35 million dollars.

“This is a very unique project,” said Mayor Jackson at a kickoff press conference. “Cleveland is the first and only city that offers both components at the same time – we’re changing 61,000 streetlights to LED and we’re putting cameras up in association with those streetlights for improved public safety.”

Phase one of the streetlight conversion is beginning in Ward 1 with LED streetlight and smart camera installations in the Lee-Harvard neighborhood. 

The city adds that it plans to install LED lights and cameras near its 22 recreation centers and, in wards where there are no recreation centers, in crime hotspots and main streets and intersections.

The LED lights, owned by Cleveland Public Power, will replace existing streetlights to reduce energy consumption, increase bulb life up to 50,000 hours and provide a life expectancy of 7-10 years longer than traditional lighting. 

“The LED streetlights are an excellent asset to CDP’s mission of protecting and serving Cleveland residents,” said Chief of Police Calvin D. Williams. "The lights will not only brighten up certain streets that are not well-lit, they will provide officers the tools we need to help locate criminals who have committed crimes. We will now be capable of reviewing high quality footage of suspects and crimes committed all across the City of Cleveland.”