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Cleveland area residents voice concerns over snow-covered sidewalks

Residents who use mobility aids to get around town say the lack of cleared sidewalks is a matter of life and death.

CLEVELAND — Last week’s major winter storm on Martin Luther King Jr. Day dumped up to 15 inches of snow over the Greater Cleveland area.

All of that snow slicking city streets made it nearly impossible for citizens like Cecelia Mack, who uses a mobility aid, to get around town.

"I'm very frightened going out there. but sometimes it's a must I have to go to the store," Mack said. "Like I said, it's very frightening."

Earlier this week, Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb announced updates to the city's new snow removal plans for roads, but residents like Mack are more concerned with the sidewalks. 3News reached out to Kappa House Plaza, where Mack resides, but have not received a comment yet.

We also reached out to the city of Cleveland about the sidewalks past the apartment complex to the RTA bus stop that Mack uses. The city made the following statement in response:

"Of course the safety of all of our residents is a priority. We are looking into community volunteer programs to assist the elderly and individuals with mobility concerns. We also plan to consult with other key stakeholders on ways to address sidewalk clearing for our residents. It is still in development."

Mack says it's a matter of life or death when it comes to how much snow is still on the sidewalks, streets, and parking lots around Shaker Boulevard where she lives.

"For us, the people on walkers or even for the normal people just going down the street, it's dangerous for everybody," she explained. "I mean, that's like a life or death situation."

She also says the drivers on the roadways don't reflect any concern for those who are using the streets. 

"The sleet or whatever, the cars [are] zooming down there," she lamented. "Like they're on the freeway or something."

Mack is calling on the apartment's landlord to step up in a bigger way and provide more safety on the sidewalks for residents. She asks the same of the city.

"Everybody [is] saying the same thing, but you never see it," she told us. "So I'll have to wait until I see it until I comment on anything."

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