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Cleveland Ballet holds roundtable with University Hospitals to discuss strategic reopening, injury prevention amid COVID-19

The Ballet's artistic director sat down with a representative from the UH Sports Medicine department to discuss returning to dance

CLEVELAND — The Cleveland Ballet Company and School is making national news after discussing their plans for reopening in the middle of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

Artistic Director Gladisa Guadalupe held a Zoom discussion Thursday morning with sports medicine physician Dr. Amanda Weiss-Kelly, and physical therapist Anna Cerveny. 

"Collaboration is more important now than ever," Guadalupe said. "We are so grateful for our partnership with University Hospitals Sports Medicine and the impacts its making in the dance world." 

The group discussed injury prevention, as well as how to stay safe and healthy in today's environment. 

"All athletes should adopt an injury prevention program to sustain their health and elongate their careers," Guadalupe said, "coming back after three months puts you in a vulnerable state that will lead to chronic injuries, making it more difficult to get back into shape or work through a new injury." 

Guadalupe will also make an appearance on CNBC's "The Path Forward" on Friday night to discuss the financial impacts of the pandemic on her ballet school, and the survival of her 20-year-old company.  The special will air from 7:30-8 p.m.

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