A Cleveland city water vehicle fell into a giant sinkhole on East 127th Street between Locke Avenue and Cornado Avenue on Thursday afternoon.

Cleveland Water officials say they responded to the area because of a “possible 6-inch water main leak.”

There was only a small crack in the road with a small depression, when the investigator began his work.

When the investigator arrived, he exited his van and saw a leak, when the street started to collapse. He was the only one in the vehicle.

The investigator was not in the van when it fell into the sinkhole and is unharmed.

Apparently the worker was trying to reach inside of the van to retrieve work materials, when the van started to sink, Cleveland water spokesperson John Goersmeyer, tells WKYC’s Hilary Golston.

Crews were able to retrieve the van from the sinkhole.

The water department says it will assess the damages and begin to make repairs now that the van has been removed.

They’re not ruling out a “sewer issue.”

Will Ujek was live at the scene as crews began working to idnetify and resolve the cause of the massive sinkhole, Friday morning.

Water service was restored around 12:30 a.m. Friday morning. The street is still currently closed to traffic until further notice. The water department says it will work with the residents to assist them with gaining access to their homes.

Goersmeyer says there is no boil advisory in place, but is asking for patience from residence as they restore water.

Earlier on Thursday, Hilary Golston reported on the sinkhole in a Facebook Live update: