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Cleveland curfew: Who and what is restricted

Anybody found to be in violation of the curfew is subject to arrest.

CLEVELAND — The city of Cleveland has issued a clarification on who is exempt from its curfew, scheduled through 8 p.m. Tuesday. 

In a release, the city says credentialed media, residents of the restricted areas, essential medical personnel and essential city personnel are permitted to be in the restricted area. 

For most, however, portions of Cleveland are currently off limits.

“Office workers will not be permitted into the restricted area unless officially designated or excluded in the Mayor’s Proclamation of Civil Emergency,” according to the curfew ordered by Mayor Frank Jackson.

For that reason, all businesses and places of employment are urged to close for the duration of the curfew. 

Monday morning saw heavy traffic delays due to curfew-related road closures as drivers approached the city on I-77 and I-90.

All freeway exit ramps into downtown will be closed with the exception of those from I-90 onto Carnegie Avenue and Chester Avenue eastbound, although these may be intermittently closed.

Cleveland City Councilman McCormack noted, however, that contractors and private security are permitted to attend to business.

The city also issued the following notice to people who live in the impacted area: "Residents within the curfew zone needing to travel in and out of the restricted area will be permitted with proper identification showing their residence. Pedestrian traffic within the curfew zone is permitted for limited instances including pet relief and essential travel such as medical appointments and to obtain food. However, all residents are asked to remain within their homes as much as possible for the duration of the curfew."

When it comes to assisting with the cleanup efforts, the city has a plan for that, too.

“There will be no community volunteer cleanup efforts during the curfew," city officials said. "All future cleanup opportunities will be coordinated through the Downtown Cleveland Alliance.”

Read the full curfew order:


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