Thousands of people rallied across the country, including in Cleveland, for immigrant families separated after crossing the border. On Saturday, hundreds of people in Cleveland joined hundreds of other cities in a rally dubbed “Families Belong Together”.

"They shouldn’t tear families apart, especially the children,” Joanne Aquino said. “They need their parents"

Public Square was packed with people voicing their frustration on how the U.S has handled immigration.

"We need to show support for the families and the people that they are tearing apart," Rhonda Gunther said.

One of the speakers at the rally said his mom was arrested in the Corso's Flower and Garden Center raids in Erie County.

"It was horrible what they did,” the young man said. "Not only did I lose a mom. I lost a dad that day. my dad now has to work from 4 a.m. to 10 p.m."

The impact of breaking up families has been felt at one trailer park in Norwalk. It's where a large number of people arrested at Corso's lived

We spoke to a mother of four when we visited the community. Her husband was arrested at Corso's and was deported Wednesday. He was their main source of income.

She and others are now living in fear.

"I use to work at Corso's and I wonder if they are going to come and get me too," Marie Lou Bravo said.

Her story and many others across the country are fueling a growing movement. A movement that hopes, change will come soon.