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Cleveland man says he shot significant other while he was sleeping

The 65-year-old man was arrested for felonious assault shooting accidental.
Credit: KUSA

A Cleveland man was arrested and charged with felonious assault shooting accidental after he said he shot a woman while half asleep on Friday morning.

Cleveland Police received a call just after 2 a.m. to respond to 475 E. 125. Upon doing so, officers were met by 65-year-old Ollie Evans, who appeared distressed and claimed that he had just shot his significant other, Patricia Lilly.

Evans then directed officers upstairs to Lilly as medics arrived. Lilly's niece, Argentina Bryant, told officers she was sleeping upstairs and heard a noise followed by a gunshot. She said that Evans told her to "Call the ambulance! I shot your auntie!"

Evans said that he was in bed half asleep and that he remembered Lilly, 62, moaning. After asking "what happened?" he looked down and saw the gun in his hand. Evans said he then dropped the gun and ran to the bedroom next door to tell Bryant to call an ambulance before running outside. He also said the gun was not his, but a friend's.

Police were unable to confer with Lilly at University Hospital due to the extent of her injuries. Evans was arrested and conveyed without incident to St. Vincent for evaluation and released, before being conveyed to county.