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Cleveland Mayor-elect Justin Bibb names transition committee and task force members

75 "emerging and experienced leaders" will serve on the transition team’s 10 sub-committees and two task forces.

CLEVELAND — As he prepares to assume the office of Cleveland mayor next month, Justin Bibb has announced the members of his various transition subcommittees and two task forces. 

According to an release from Bibb, 75 "emerging and experienced leaders" will serve on his transition team’s 10 sub-committees and two task forces. The members include residents, academics, business and faith leaders, healthcare professionals, and nonprofit leaders.

Transition co-chairs Erika Anthony, Paul Clark, Richard Gibson, Phyllis Harris, Darrell McNair and John Ryan will oversee the sub-committees. The sub-committees will then provide a final report to help shape Bibb's priorities for the first 100 days of his administration. They will also help identify talent for consideration for roles within City Hall or to serve on boards and commissions.

Some of the names of note as part of Bibb's subcommittees include Destination Cleveland CEO David Gilbert on the Economic Development subcommittee, former Ohio Department of Health Director Amy Acton serving on the Health subcommittee, Cleveland Metropolitan School District CEO Eric Gordon on the Education subcommittee, and Cleveland Police Patrolman Association President Jeff Follmer on the Safety subcommittee.

Here are the subcommittees and its members:

Economic Development 

  • April Miller Boise 
  • Ariane Kirkpatrick 
  • David Gilbert
  • Jade Davis 
  • Millie I. Carballo


  • Alex B. Johnson
  • Ann Mullin
  • Eric S. Gordon 
  • Helen Williams
  • Holly Trifiro
  • Rosa Morales Cruz 
  • Shari Obrenski 
  • Sonya Pryor-Jones 


  • Angie Schmitt
  • Brian Zimmerman
  • Dan Brown 
  • Dr. Aparna Bole
  • Shanelle Smith Whigham 

Equity in Action

  • Brian E. Hall 
  • Chinenye Nkemere
  • Elaine Tso
  • Mordecai Cargill 
  • Victor Ruiz 


  • Dr. Amy Acton
  • Dr. Akram Boutros 
  • Dr. Cliff Megerian 
  • Dr. Tomislav Mihaljevic 
  • Emily Lundgard 
  • Jazmin Long 
  • Jean Polster
  • Rick Kemm 

Modern City Hall 

  • Bill Premier 
  • Caroline J. Peak 
  • Eden Giagnorio
  • Shannon Copfer Brace 
  • Jimmie Corrigan


  • Joyce Pan Huang 
  • Khrystalynn Shefton
  • Marilyn Burns 
  • Ricardo Leon 
  • Timothy L. Tramble 
  • Tony F. Sias  

Open Government 

  • April Urban
  • Dan O’Malley 
  • Leon A. Wilson 
  • Nora Kelley 


  • Fran Lally, Jr.
  • Jeff Follmer
  • Myesha Crowe 
  • Paul Melhuish
  • Sanford E. Watson
  • Timothy Sommerfelt 


  • Elise Hara Auvil
  • Fran DiDonato
  • Kathryn M. Hall
  • Marquez L. Brown  
  • Yentil Rawlinson

“I’m proud of the talented team of proven leaders that are working together to deliver actionable recommendations for my administration,” Mayor-Elect Bibb said in a statement. “The work we are putting in now will prepare us to hit the ground running in January.”

The transition team is supported by two dedicated task forces — an Operations Task Force and a Public Safety Task Force focused on implementation of key issues, including Issue 24. Former Cleveland councilman and mayoral candidate Zack Reed is among those on the Public Safety Task Force.

Operations Task Force 

Operations Task Force Coordinator: Kate Warren

  • Brad Whitehead
  • David Heller
  • Felton Thomas Jr.
  • James Rokakis
  • Jon Pinney
  • Lillian Kuri
  • Dean Lee Fisher
  • Marty McGann
  • Peter Truog
  • Randy McShephard
  • Rev. Dr. Stephen Rowan
  • Tania Menesse
  • Teresa Metcalf Beasley
  • Tom McNair

Public Safety Task Force 

Public Safety Task Force Coordinator: Melekte Melaku

  • Adam Hollingsworth
  • Dale Anglin
  • Edward M. Barksdale, Jr.
  • Jeff Scott
  • LaTonya Goldsby
  • Michael Deemer
  • Samantha Soloman
  • Zack Reed
  • Rev. Anthony Small

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