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Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb, city leaders reveal plan to reduce summer crime

"To the residents of Cleveland, please if you see something say something."

CLEVELAND — See something? Hear something? Say something. That is the message that Cleveland officials have for residents in order to ensure a safe summer as the weather continues to warm up.

“To the residents of Cleveland, please, if you see something, say something. If you see something, say something. Call the police, call your member of city council or call city hall. We want to make sure you are giving us the information and feedback we need to keep our community safe and secure,” said Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb. 

Activities for young adults and children 

During a press conference addressing safety ahead of summer, Mayor Bibb shared his plans to embark in safety walks with community leaders throughout the summer season to inform families of events happening that will keep children entertained and safe.

The full press conference can be watched below:

"We want to make sure every child in Cleveland is busy from sun up to sun down, doing something productive," said Bibb. 

Chief of Youth & Family Success Sonya Pryor-Jones said that throughout the summer, the City of Cleveland and the Cleveland Metropolitan School District will be offering a wide variety of programs for both children and young adults. 

Recreation centers across the city will have  STEM, dance, E-sports, photography programs and much more. This year, Hoops After Dark is also expected to return. 

Fighting violent crime 

Cleveland officials will be continuing to work with law enforcement partners to fight and solve crime over the next few months. 

“We will be using every tool in our arsenal to keep our community safe. We are going to continue to work with the ATF, FBI and U.S. Marshals on targeted traffic sweeps, target drug enforcement and targeted gang reduction activities across all five of our police districts," said Mayor Bibb.  

Mayor Bibb also addressed the recent increase in gun violence in Cleveland and called upon lawmakers to make a change. 

“This year, the numbers aren’t where I want them to be. I think all of us are outraged by the level of violence we see on our streets. As every member of my administration would tell you, I will not stop looking for additional resources and more tools to keep Cleveland safe, but Columbus and Congress in D.C. have to give us more tools and enforcement powers to get guns off the streets."

Chief of Police Wayne Drummond echoed the sentiment that Cleveland officials need help in order to make the city safer over the next few months. 

“Our violent crimes have increased, and it bothers me, and I hope it bothers you as well. It bothers me when I get a text in the middle of the night from my communication control section about a 7-year-old girl being shot in the head. That bothers me, and I hope it bothers you and that we don't become numb to it that it is just another incident or just another report. That should shock you to your core when you see things like that,” said Drummond.  

Staying safe while driving

Senior Strategist for Transportation and Mobility Calley Mersmann also gave tips that residents should follow while traveling on the roads this summer: 

  • Wear seatbelts 
  • Don't drink and drive 
  • No distracted driving 
  • Watch speed

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