Three new bundles of joy have arrived at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

On Thursday, the zoo announced the birth of of three snow leopard cubs to mom, Sombra, and dad, Amga. The trio were actually born last month and include two females and one male. All three cubs were born weighing just over one pound.

The zoo says development and bonding will continue before the triplets will be visible to the public in the Primate, Cats & Aquatics building. Later this summer, they will move to the new Asian Highlands habitat that will be home to additional Snow Leopards, Amga and Sameera, as well as an Amur leopard, red pandas and takin, a new species coming to Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo points out that snow leopards are endangered due to poaching, prey loss and habitat loss. Scientists estimate fewer than 7,000 remain in the remote mountains of central Asia.

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Cleveland Metroparks Zoo provided us with video of the baby snow leopards that you can watch in the player above.