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Cleveland Metropolitan School District to resume remote learning amid COVID-19 surge

CEO Eric Gordon announced the decision in a video message on Wednesday.

CLEVELAND — As the Northeast Ohio and surrounding areas continue to see a surge in positive coronavirus cases, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) is taking precautions to prevent and slow the spread of the disease. 

On Wednesday, CMSD CEO, Eric Gordon announced that the all schools within the district would resume classes in January under the remote learning plan.

"For the week of January 3rd, including for the staff professional day on Monday and all student classes on Tuesday through Friday, students should follow their normal school day schedule and log on to their classes remotely as directed by their teachers throughout the week," said Gordon in a video message. "It is critically important that students fully participate in this remote learning week as part of their attendance and classroom instruction."

According to Gordon, the decision was made after consulting with local and state health officials, including the Ohio Department of Health, Director of the Cuyahoga County Board of Health, the Director of the Cleveland Department of Health, and the Interim State Superintendent of Education. 

Following the holiday break, all schools will remain open for families who may need to pick up meals for their children. Pick-ups can be done at the CMSD school closest to you  families' home, even if it is not the school your child attends.  

All CMSD schools will be open Monday, January 3 for any student who needs to pick up his/her laptop or tablet and other school materials. 

During a press briefing on Monday, Gov. Mike DeWine was asked about CMSD and other schools potentially going remote and responded saying, "I think none of us want to see kids out of school. We want kids in school. I won't go through all the reasons we want kids in schools, but it's been articulated very well. It's been particularly articulated by our pediatricians and particularly articulated by our children's hospitals," he explained.  "So what I would prefer is that people listen to our children's hospitals in Ohio. And what the children's hospitals in Ohio are saying is wear a mask. They're saying require masks for your school -- they're not saying close school. They want your kids in school just as much as you want your kids in school. But our children's hospitals are begging you, knowing what omicron has done in other countries, they're saying 'please have children wear masks.' And even for schools that have not done this for a while, I would ask them to consider it. It will make a difference. But we want our kids in school."

The District is reminding students and parents to report all positive cases to the COVID hotline at 216-838-WELL, that’s 216-838-9355, or by emailing COVID@ClevelandMetroSchools.org. 

You can watch the full video message from CMSD, CEO Eric Gordon in using the video player below. 

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