Cleveland Police are now conducting an internal investigation into its overall response to the Kareem Hunt Incident. The incident, which took place at a Cleveland hotel on February 10th, is creating a lot of controversy.

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On Wednesday, Cleveland police admitted to giving a copy of the police report to a National Football League Representative.

Officials say the report was given to the NFL representative by a member of the department in February. However, it did not go through the official public records request process.

"We had multiple verbal conversations with Cleveland police officers and requested surveillance video immediately upon learning of the incident in February. In addition, NFL representatives also made requests for surveillance video to the hotel property. We also obtained and reviewed the material developed by the police, which included the written reports prepared by the officers who responded to the incident, and later the interviews that were recorded by bodycams and the recordings of the 911 calls."

It was previously reported that the NFL did not request video or reports of the incident involving former Kansas City Chief's running back Kareem Hunt and a woman at The Metropolitan at the 9 hotel in February.