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Did Cleveland pass the test after second snowstorm in a week? Residents say they're unsure

One resident told 3News that they would give last week's response a score of "4," while this week's earns a "7" out of 10.

CLEVELAND — Did Cleveland pass the test in this latest storm?

3News' Lydia Esparra returned to Erin Avenue in Cleveland exactly one week after a major winter storm left residents stranded and desperate, digging out from a foot of snow. 

Davis Aguillar lives on the Cleveland street and says, “the street is definitely better than last time.”

Last time, residents said that not one plow came through. A nearby construction crew plowed their very busy streets. 

“I think maybe I’ll give them a four," said Aguillar, grading the city's initial snowstorm cleanup methods. “This week, I think it was an improvement. I give them a seven.”

Despite some areas being taken care of this time around, 3News crews still found streets upon streets that were buried in the snow. 

Wilson Prea, a contractor who clears snow for a living, told Lydia Esparra that he doesn't believe there has been any improvement on the preparedness and action plan front.

"It’s about the same," Prea said. “I think the city is doing the best that they can cause I’m sure everyone is shorthanded.”

Even with the issues the city has faced, the contractor gave the city a decent score for each storm. 

“I think about a 7," Prea added. 

Cleveland's Mayor Justin Bibb said last week after outrage from residents that city officials would invest in a new snow removal plan and would have answers this week. 


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