CLEVELAND -- For years it's been a concept tossed around Cleveland's collective wish list.

It's taking shape on East 9th Street in the shadow of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The New Northcoast Harbor is set to change the face of Cleveland, and it starts this summer with the fresh vibe of Nuevo Modern Mexican Restaurant and Tequila Bar.

"Nuevo is new. It's fresh," said Zack Hirt, executive chef and owner of Nuevo Modern Mexican and Tequila Bar.

He and wife Lisa opened the downtown Akron hotspot, which has taken off in two years.

When Cleveland Northcoast Harbor developer, Cumberland Development came calling, Hirt said it would be a great fit.

It's a synergy for the first phase of lakefront development that screams "See the Possible."

"From where we're standing right now, there's a lot of possibility. And it's just phase one. It's great," said Hirt.

Dick Pace, CEO of Cumberland Development, says the Northcoast Harbor will change the face of Cleveland.

"We're actually building a school as part of it, a thousand residential units, headquarters and office space, and retail, that we're starting with around the harbor."

Pace points to the incredibly successful Flats East bank development for paving the way.

"They proved it can work, and that made our project a lot easier," says Pace.

Lisa Hirt, Zack's wife and co-owner of Nuevo tells Channel 3, said there's so much possibility.

"We're so blessed to be able to expand in Cleveland! In this wonderful growing city! That's what's possible," Lisa said. "Cleveland is just going to grow and grow and grow and we are on the forefront of that growth so it's fantastic."

Nuevo ModMex is expected to be open in Cleveland this summer before the Republican National Convention in July.