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Cleveland scooter sales on the rise amid soaring gas prices

With gas prices at record highs, scooter sales have hit an all-time high.

CLEVELAND — As the average price for a gallon of gas inches up each day across Northeast Ohio and the nation, scooter sales have hit an all time high.

The viewing room at ClevelandMoto is full of scooters ranging from different sizes and styles, to varying colors, a dozen or so have "sold" stickers.

Phil Waters has worked at ClevelandMoto for 22 years and says this is the busiest they've ever been.

"For commuting, I don't think there's a better way to commute," said Waters.

The scooters for sale range in prices from $2,000 all the way up to $10,000 depending on the model and design. Waters told 3News that with gas prices reaching $5, it's a good bang for your buck.

"If you have a scooter that gets a hundred miles per gallon and you ride it only 5,000 miles a year, it's going to pay for itself in about two years," said Waters.

Waters recalls sales of scooters increased in 2008, but times have changed because of the evolving technology.

"The real thing that's changed since 2008 is the advent of electric scooters," said Waters.

Waters told 3News that electric scooter consumers save much more than owner's of gas powered scooters.

"Everyone's very aware that gas costs five bucks a gallon, but nobody's aware that here in Cleveland, Ohio we only pay about 13 cents a killowatt-hour for electricity," said Waters.

The electric scooters sold at ClevelandMoto can reach speeds of 50-60mph and can be charged in an outlet at your house.

Waters told 3News that demand is outpacing supply of scooters, but they're working to assist consumers.

"What's coming in is almost nothing," said Waters.

ClevelandMoto is available for consumers by appointment only.

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