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Downtown Cleveland is hosting two major events Tuesday; how residents are responding to the attention

Clevelanders weigh in on two major events in town.

CLEVELAND — All eyes are on Cleveland Tuesday as the city hosts two major events: the presidential debate and Game 1 of the post season for the Cleveland Indians. But do locals welcome the attention? 3News' Romney Smith has the answers from some locals.

Lisa Harris works in Downtown Cleveland and knows exactly what she’s doing Tuesday night after she gets off of work.  

“I’m watching the game,” says Harris.

Shawn Freeman also works downtown and says he wants to keep up with both, but won’t channel flip.

 “I’m taping the debate at home and I’m at work, so we’re going to be watching the game at work,” says Freeman.

Downtown Cleveland is buzzing with the first Presidential debate and the first Indians vs. Yankees playoff game. Emily Lauer with Destination Cleveland says even though seats will be empty at the game and the debate, viewers should expect to see lots of images from Northeast Ohio.

“They’ll get to see Cleveland, they’ll get to see the beauty of Cleveland, and that’s where it starts to be you know, hopefully people’s curiosity about what else there is here in Cleveland,” says Lauer.

Whether it’s the battle to win game one in the playoffs.

“I hope we win, I hope we do good,” says Harris.

Or the battle for the White House on full display.

“I don’t want to see a lot of mudslinging, I don’t want to see a lot of insulting, I don’t want to see a lot of fighting. I want to see civility and I want to see us coming together as a nation,” says Freeman.

Plenty of people will watch or stream the debate, and it seems everyone else, will be cheering on the home team.

“GO TRIBE” says Harris.
Whether you choose to watch the game, the debate, channel flip between both or neither, just know tonight all eyes will be on Cleveland.

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