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EDWINS acquires two multi-family homes to provide housing for their students, graduates

The two homes will undergo a brief renovation.
Credit: edwins

CLEVELAND — Their mission is expanding.

EDWINS Leadership and Restaurant Institute, a French eatery where formerly incarcerated adults are given foundational culinary and hospitality sills, announced Monday the acquisition of two multi-family homes.

These two-story houses, which can be found at 2919 and 2923 East 130th Street, are four-bedroom residences that “will offer essential family housing for EDWINS graduates and current students.”

Both homes will undergo a brief renovation.

“Since EDWINS first opened its doors, we’ve made the critical investments to provide our team with a range of professional and educational growth opportunities as they re-enter society,” said Brandon E. Chrostowski, CEO, President and Founder, EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute. “Our 2020-2021 plans include even more Buckeye residential area acquisitions and will ensure that our team can also offer their families the stability and comfort of a home right here on campus.”

When complete, these initial acquisitions will cost around $100,000 and is made possible by KeyBank’s three-year financial commitment to the Buckeye area.

“This is just the beginning!” Chrostowski adds. “It is all about the trifecta of building careers, enriching lives, and the supporting the Buckeye community. That’s what we’re focused on right now and always.”

EDWINS graduates nearly 100 students a year, with a 95 percent employment rate and less than 1 percent recidivism.