Robert Godwin, Sr. was shot and killed on a Cleveland street Easter Sunday. Video of his death was posted to Facebook by his alleged killer, Steve Stephens.

On Tuesday morning, Stephens took his own life inside his car in Erie, Pennsylvania.

WKYC's Jasmine Monroe met with Godwin's family Tuesday afternoon to discuss the news of Stephens' death.

Godwin was a father of 10. His family says he was walking E. 93rd Street collecting aluminum cans prior to Easter dinner when he was shot dead.

Stephens posted video of the shooting to his Facebook page and went live on Facebook to confess to the murder. Since then, he led authorities on a nationwide search that ended when he shot himself dead.

Godwin's sister said she feels, "Angry sometimes," over Robert's death and that she was hoping Stephens would be brought to justice.

"I wanted to see him go to trial, because it was God-awful what he did to my brother," she said. "He was the sweetest person I ever met in my life. He wasn't only my brother, he was my best friend."

The family was planning a vacation to visit relatives in Alabama. Now, Godwin's sister says those relatives will be coming to Cleveland for his funeral.

"I can't sleep," Godwin's sister said. "I lay in bed. I just keep wondering what I'm going to do about my brother."

Watch the full interview with Godwin's family below: