WKYC has uncovered new details about business dealings between the City of Cleveland and a Geauga County contractor listed in records seized by federal investigators at city hall last week.

Records released by the City of Cleveland today detail payments to Burton Scot Contractors for two jobs totaling $9.4 million.

The first contract was for repairs and improvements to rights-of-way on city streets between April 2015 and April 2016.

Records show Burton Scot was paid $7.2 million.

Burton Scot repairs and improvements to rights-of-way on city streets by WKYC.com on Scribd

In September 2016 the city entered into a second contract with Burton Scot; this one for $1.5 million for improvements to the Collinwood Athletic Complex. Records show the company was eventually paid just under $2.2 million for the job.

Burton Scot contract for improvements to Collinwood Athletic Complex by WKYC.com on Scribd

Burton Scot released a statement Monday night regarding the December 6th city hall search saying the company has “worked with both the City of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County for many years… we intend to fully cooperate with the authorities as their investigation unfolds.”

The documents obtained by WKYC also includes the personnel file for the city’s Office of Capital Projects Construction Inspection chief Khalil Ewais.

Ewais Personnel File by WKYC.com on Scribd

Ewais was hired in 2006 and has held his current position since 2011. Records show he submitted his resignation on June 12, 2015 after bosses ignored his request for a pay increase. He then retracted the resignation eleven days later - on June 23, 2015 - after discussions with supervisors.

Ewais Employment Letters by WKYC.com on Scribd

Paperwork involving Ewais’s side business, Pioneer Engineering, were taken by federal agents during the execution of the search warrant.

The exact focus of the investigation remains unclear.

Officers with the agencies present during the late night raid tell us the matter is “under seal by federal court”.