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Finding the path to 'Common Ground'

The Cleveland Foundation is paving the way to drive out hate with the inaugural 'Common Ground' event.

Every one of us is unique. We have different backgrounds, different perspectives, and different goals. But sometimes, we do share the same views.

With so much negativity going on in the world often times it’s hard to get a clear view of the bigger picture.

Clarence Bozeeman, Civil Rights Lecturer, tells us, "We must admit that America has made progress but not enough to call it historic."

So The Cleveland Foundation is paving the way to drive out that hate with the inaugural 'Common Ground' event.

The goal is to invite people to sit together and share a meal, talk, and listen to neighbors with different opinions.

The event is open to any Cuyahoga County resident who cares about the future of the community and wants to be a part of a forward-looking conversation.

Mr. Chicken President Mike Simmons tells us one thing he knows for sure… food is always something people can agree on.

"it’s funny because you get a group of people who put their hand in the box and pull out a piece of chicken and find out it a communal food it brings people together" says Mike.

And since Sundays are a natural day of gathering, the event will take place on July 30th at Public Square.

Where the community will break bread together and have a conversation about the future and seeing the possible for our region.

Lauren R. Welch, Executive Director of The Women’s Leadership Guild tells us, "This will help the city of Cleveland. It will help us grow with expansion and make moves for all Clevelanders and not just some."

Public Square is not the only location, These conversations will be happening all over Cuyahoga County so if you're interested in joining, here's the link to all locations.

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