CLEVELAND -- The best friend of a Cleveland police officer whose wife is accused of faking pregnancy and cancer said his friend is innocent of any involvement in her scheme.

Tommy Gunn Snider sat down with WKYC Monday morning to discuss the lives of Dawn and Ken Brown.

The couple is under investigation for making claims that Dawn is pregnant and terminally ill. Ken abruptly retired from the Cleveland police force last week amid the allegations, but Snider believes his friend had no part in Dawn's alleged lies.

"He got the wool pulled over his eyes," Snider said. "It's just not him. He's not like that. He'd never do anything like that."

Snider says the Browns were married within three months of beginning their relationship.

The investigation comes after a "blood drive" fundraiser was held for Dawn at the Cleveland Police Patrolman's Association Hall in January. It was one of several drives held for the couple, dating back to 2017.

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But Dawn may not actually be pregnant or terminally ill as police now doubt her claims.

WKYC investigation revealed that Dawn has previously made false claims of pregnancy and cancer. She also has a history of marital problems, including at least six former husbands and a court restraining order against an ex-husband who claimed she abused and harassed him. Three of her divorces include allegations of financial grabs and discord.

Snider reiterated the allegations against Dawn, claiming she's carried out the same act with past husbands. He said Dawn has been married 10 times and seven of those marriages were in Ohio. He also echoed the allegations that Dawn has faked past pregnancies and illness.

"She's just a con artist," Snider said. "She just lies to make up lies."

Snider says he's asked Ken about Dawn's stories and claims in the past, but made no progress in convincing his friend of Dawn's alleged lies. It wasn't until Snider did his own investigation by talking to Dawn's ex-husbands and their wives that he was able to help Ken understand. Now, Snider says Ken is hurt and embarrassed.

"Anybody that would end up in a relationship with somebody as crazy as this lady, that's tough."

Snider also said Dawn has claimed to have had dinner with President Trump during a recent trip to Washington D.C. She also has claimed to have a daughter named Morgan. Snider says no daughter exists and Dawn claimed she had a miscarriage in the eighth month of a pregnancy with twins in 2016.

Alerts were issued to area maternity wards by the Cleveland Police Department in fear that Dawn may attempt to steal a baby to claim as her own.

This time, Snider says Dawn would be about 15 months pregnant if her claims were true.

"She’s got to be about 15 months pregnant now," he said. "What, is she waiting for the baby to be a teenager before she pops it out?"

WKYC's attempts to reach out to Dawn Brown have gone without reply.

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