Katherine Boyd and her two kids were looking forward to their flight to Seattle.

“My brother, my sister. It's the first time we will see each other in two years since my parents' funeral. And now we can't go," Boyd, a former Channel 3 reporter told us.

They were on their way to a family reunion. But when they arrived at the airport, to their surprise, the flight was canceled.

"They said yeah there is no flight until Tuesday."

That's a big problem for Boyd. A flight at a later date means she would miss the family reunion.

Same goes for one family, who were all set to attend a destination wedding in Seattle.

"It's just been a nightmare,” said Jacquelyn Laponza

A Frontier Airlines spokesperson tells WKYC that 230 people were set to board the direct flight from Cleveland to Seattle. The spokesperson sent us a statement about the cancellation.

“Frontier flight 1403 from Cleveland to Seattle with 230 passengers was canceled today due to a maintenance issue with the aircraft. We understand what it’s like to have an unexpected travel problem and how frustrating it can be. We act as quickly as conditions allow to address the needs of our customers and to help them get to their destinations. They were provided with a range of options, including travel on Frontier or another airline.”

After the flight was canceled, passengers weren't pleased with the airline's response.

They were given these options: Passengers could get a refund with a $500 dollar travel voucher or you can fly on another airline or rent a car and Frontier will reimburse the cost up to $400 dollars per person.

But for many, the cost to get another flight is more than their original--and for some, the travel voucher wouldn't cover half the cost either. One man had to pay $1200 to schedule another flight to get to Seattle.

So what are your rights and your options if an airline cancels your flight?

Here in the U.S, there is no federal law or regulation that specifies what, if any rights, you have when an airline cancels your flight. But - like Frontier passengers, most airlines will offer you a refund.

A number of airlines will get you a seat on the next flight available. If you're connecting flight is canceled, most airlines will fly you back to your original destination, free of charge.

If you used a travel agent and your flight was canceled, you should contact them for help. Otherwise, you can go online to find possible solutions to present to the airline.

Bottom line: There's really no easy solution. The best advice we can give is stay patient and keep your cool.